North American cuisine

On these pages, we offer in-depth information on the cuisine of all the world’s Spanish-speaking countries in Africa, Europe, Central, North and South America, along with a growing selection of recipes from each country that you can follow at home.

Our guide to the cuisine of North American countries where Spanish is the official language or is widely spoken: Mexico and the USA.

North American cuisine refers to foods native to or popular in countries like the US, Canada and Mexico. With great regional diversity, US cuisine has influences from Native American cuisine and international cuisine from Europe. Tex-mex, seafood, barbecues, hamburgers, hot dogs, chowders… Mexican cuisine is based on pre-Hispanic traditions from the Aztecs and Maya, along with influences from Spain. It offers intense and varied flavors, with a great deal of color and spice, appealing tastes and textures.

For a taste of North America without needing to travel, here you will find recipes for food and drink from Spanish-speaking North American countries to prepare at home. Recipes are available in English and Spanish. We are adding new recipes all the time, so be sure to check back again soon!

north american cuisine


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