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Anything You Want - Irresistible, Succulent, Scrumptious, Mouth Watering Food! - Your Orders come with Smiles! We know how you like your food; hot, happening, and handy and we serve it exactly that way. As far back as we can remember, we've always wanted to be Goodfellas! Serving freshly made, delicious, fast, and fun food has been our specialty since we started our Scranton restaurants in 1990. Our restaurants in Scranton PA are identified as the best place to enjoy finger licking food with electrifying entertainment showing your favorite sports and exciting events to enjoy food and game with your favorite team. Our portions are generous, yet surprisingly our prices are very affordable! Do we Amuse You? All the burger buns and pizza dough are made fresh daily. We never use any frozen cheese but every slice is cut out of the freshly prepared wheel. We value your choice and hence so we have round pizza topped with selective topping and choicest ingredients. The wing or the thigh? - Our hot wings are tender, boneless, and healthy as they are cooked in healthy oils and you can have them in our 11 staple sauces created to treat your taste buds. A whole variety of burgers, appetizers, desserts, beverages awaits you with fries, fresh salads, subs, and more.Along with the best food in Scranton PA, we make your visit at our restaurants a pleasurable savory event to keep you coming back with friends and family. Experience the exquisite goodness of food and fun with us, the goodfellas style - its gonna be a good summer!