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Trinidad and Tobago cuisine

Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation in the Antilles island group, and they are the most southern islands in the Caribbean. With a population of 1,297,944, people of African and Indian descent comprise the majority of the population, with people of mixed race, European, Chinese and Middle Eastern ancestry adding diversity to the ethnic mix. This is reflected in the cuisine of the islands. Trinidad and Tobago cuisine is a blend of Indian, Amerindian, European, African, Creole, Chinese and Lebanese influences.

Some popular dishes in Trinidad and Tobago are stewed chicken, breadfruit oil down, macaroni pie, pepperpot, and ox-tails. Trinbagonian dishes are often stewed, barbecued, or curried with coconut milk.

Trinidad cuisine

During different phases of its history, the Spanish, French and British occupied Trinidad. These colonisers relied on the island's original inhabitants, the Amerindians, for labour as well as workforces from Africa, India and China. The people of the Middle East and Portugal also came, and in recent times, American society has influenced the island's trends. These regions, with their distinctive cultures and culinary traditions, have all had a hand in creating the delectable mélange that is Trinidad's cuisine.

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Tobago cuisine

Like much of the culture, Tobago's traditional cuisine is heavily influenced by the African heritage of its inhabitants.

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Drinks in Trinidad and Tobago

There are many different popular beverages in Trinidad. These include drinks such as peanut punch, channa (chickpea) punch, beet punch, sorrel, mauby, seamoss punch, barbadine punch and soursop punch.

Coconut water can be found throughout the islands. Rum was invented in the Caribbean, therefore Trinidad and Tobago boasts many rum shops, serving local favourites such as ponche-de-crème, puncheon rum, and home-made wines from local fruits.

Fruits in Trinidad and Tobago

Fruits available in Trinidad and Tobago include mangoes, breadfruit, sorrel, passion fruit, watermelons, sapodilla, pomerac, guavas, Tahitian apple (pommecythère or golden apple), caimite (star apple), abiu, five fingers (carambola), cherries, zaboca (avocado), pawpaw (papaya), chenette (mamoncillo), pineapples, oranges, governor plum, West Indian (Barbadian) cherry (Acerola), bananas, barbadine (granadilla), balatá, soursop, cashews, and coconuts.

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